Friday, May 1, 2020

Biography: My Graduating Self

Photo of me and my dog, Remi. Photo taken 04/25/2020

WOW! Has 4 years really flown by this quickly?! How in the world?! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was being moved into my dorm room on the 6th floor of Couch. I remember the first time I ever tried to find my classes on this campus; I remember the first test I failed; the first (and only, thank God) class that I failed; I can recall my favorites moments on this universities grounds that have made Norman my home for the quickest 4 years of my life.
Now that undergrad is one week from being over, I'm taking the time to reflect, not only on my time at OU, but also on the person I was and have become throughout my time here. I'd also like to offer advice/lessons I learned while I've been in college. 

SO... Here we go!!!  

I came to college lost- I wasn't proud of myself, nor was I really excited about starting college. However, as I got accustomed to university life, I have learned so much about myself. 
  • I love microbiology! This was probably my favorite class that I took 
  • I'm not a good test taker... and that's okay. It just means that I have to study and work THAT much harder 
  • I like to be challenged 
  • My love for helping people has only grown stronger & has led me to wanting to pursue a nursing degree

Now, my advice/tips: 
  • GO HOME. Seriously. Every chance that you can get, go. LET your mom do your laundry. LET them feed you until you're miserable. CALL your family. 
  • The best water fountain is located in the honors college :) but really. It's always cold.
  • Sunsets are best watched from the very top of the parking garage 
  • ASK FOR HELP. And then ask again. Do not be embarrassed for not understanding something in class
  • office hours and established relationships with your professors is SO important. Once they know your face, your effort and hard work is made known 
  • Sutton Wilderness Park is one of the most relaxing and beautiful scenic places to go and clear your mind 

All-in-all, I am so thankful for what I've accomplished throughout undergrad! I'm excited to continue on with being a sooner with nursing school!! I may not physically be in Norman anymore, but my heart will always belong there 

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Reading Notes: Grimm Part B

The monkey and the crocodile - Panchatantra stories retold ...

Image Source: Pinterest 

The Monkey and the Crocodile
Source: Jataka Tales by Ellen C. Babbitt

  • a mother crocodile tells her son that she wants him to catch a monkey so that she can eat its heart 
  • the crocodile tells the monkey to come with him to the other side of the river where the fruit is ripe 
    • the monkey says that he cannot swim; however the crocodile ensures the monkey that he can swim and that the monkey can ride on his back over to the other side 
    • the monkey agreed to this
  • the crocodile proceeds to dive into the water
    • freaking out, the monkey asks why he did that & comes to find that he is plotted to die 
  • the monkey gets clever & tells the crocodile that he left his heart in the tree
    • he gets away, but not for long 
    • the monkey acts as if he is caught and tells the crocodile to open his mouth so that he can jump inside of it 
    • little did the crocodile know that the monkey knew whenever they opened their mouths wide, they also shut their eyes 
  • the monkey gains the crocodile's respect & goes on to live his life as he pleases 

Reading Notes: Grimm Part A

1000+ ideas about The Frog Prince on Pinterest | Grimms' Fairy ...

Image: Frog Prince; Source: Pinterest 

The Frog Prince 
Source: Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm

  • a princess plays with a golden ball but it ends up rolling into the spring
  • She says aloud that she would give all of her fine clothes and jewels, and every that she has in the world to have her ball again
  • a frog proposes that he will bring the ball to the princess if she will love him and let him live with her and eat from her golden plate 
    • desperate & not thinking that the frog would ever be able to get out of the pond, she agrees 
    • the frog gets the ball and she takes off without acknowledging him 
  • The princess sat down at dinner and heard a knocking on the door that was the frog 
    • she tells her father what she has promised and he makes the princess stick to her word & the frog proceeds to eat from her plate 
  • he comes back later that night pleading to sleep upon her pillow 
    • the princess awoke to a handsome prince 
      • he tells her of the spiteful fairy 
  • because the princess has broken the "cruel charm" the prince asks for her hand in marriage 

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Microfiction: From the Heart


Doors of Life 
And just like that my time here is done.
I must now go out into the world and start a new chapter of life.

Life Decisions 
Who Do I Want To Be?

Authors Note:

 I was inspired to write both of my stories from the very fact that I am graduating in basically a week. I've had so many mixed emotions lately about being done with school (or deciding if I don't want to be) and going out into the world and solely working. No school attached to it- just working. 40 hours a week. Just to work and home. It's a little scary to think about.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Reading Notes: Ramayana Part D

Image: Building the bridge to Lanka. Source: Philadelphia Museum of Art 

The Bridge
Story Source: Indian Myth and Legend by Donald A. Mackenzie (1913)
- Rama performed sacrifices to propitiate the God of the Ocean 
- The God of the Ocean is known as Varuna 
- Varuna's vehicle is a Makara- a part fish, part land creature
- He has a weapon of a Pasha- a noose, rope loop 
- Rama seizes his bow & shot weapons into the sky 
- this caused for darkness to cover the sky & the mountains broke into pieces 
- Rama attempts to dry up the waters of the sea by shooting a fiery dark 
- The King of the Ocean appears & tells Rama to seek the aid of the vanar chief to create a bridge could be built that would allow for the armies to cross the deep
- a causeway of rocky islands between the mainland and Lanka is called Rama's bridge 

Information source: Wikipedia 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Reading Notes: Twenty Jataka Tales Part A

Vicony TEAS fields in Huangshan, China where Hou Keng- the original and best Monkey Chief tea (Hou Kui) producing area. Very Beautiful Scenery!

Image: Hou Keng- the original and best Monkey Chief tea(Hou Kui) producing area. Source: Flickr

By: Noor Inayat (Khan)

- magnificent tree that bore tender white blossoms & later ladened with fruit
- chief warned the monkeys not to let any of the fruit from the branches hanging over the tree fall into the river, because then the men of the city would follow the river up the hills and find the tree, which would take all of the fruit and the monkey's would have to flee
- it, however, happened & a fishermen was the first to find it
- the fishermen asked woodcutters about the fruit & they told him it was a mango
- they set out to find the tree and came upon it
- the king made a bridge of himself and told his eighty thousand followers to walk across, but Devadatta jumped so heavily and broke the kings back
- "It is not your sword which makes you a king; it is love alone. Rule them not through power because they are your subjects; nay, rule them through love because they are your children"

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Week 8 Progress

Image result for look back at it and look forward meme
Image: Even if it kills you to move forward, never look back. Source: Make A Meme 

Looking back: 
So far with this class, I am proud of how much I have learned and how my skills for blogging are evolving.

I am happy with my progress, but I wish that I could have gotten more ahead than I am and done more extra credit opportunities.

Looking forward: 
For the second half of the semester, I want to do just what I have yet to: I want to get ahead in the class

I want to do more extra credit opportunities I want to expand my horizons and try to venture out in the types of stories that I write I  want to avoid procrastinating I want to try to play around with my project website and find new ways to improve it